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Monica Saravia

Meet Monica

“I design environments for living, where functionality and comfort are always a priority. I orchestrate through aesthetics, well-being, comfort and happiness at home, giving each home the personality of those who inhabit it to create their dream refuge. I want to that you fall in love with the place where you live, because today more than ever we know that the best place to be and share is our home, to make the ordinary something extraordinary, to be infinitely happy, because there is no better feeling than to be with yours in your home!”

Monica Saravia

Monica Saravia, specialized interior designer and business administrator, is the creative force behind the design firm that bears her name in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia. His residential and commercial projects reflect his motto: create elegant, functional and personalized environments. His designs generate a concept of their own to each project and show the good use of image, scale, balance, textures and proportions. Its constant attendance at the most important national and international design and architecture fairs give it a unique versatility that filters through each project.

The Blog

Projects by Monica Saravia is our decoration and lifestyle blog that serves as a guide to a stylish life without complications. For decoration addicts, here you will find ideas and lots of inspiration to bring to your homes. Monica believes that good design is about detail, she loves simple objects but also encourages the occasional splurge on key pieces that will last a lifetime. It is here to help you create a home that you love and enjoy in style!

Design Firm

Monica Saravia Proyectos e Interiorismo is our design firm that offers a complete interior design service specialized in high-style residential interiors that combine elegance, functionality, personalization and timelessness. We have a team that allows us to carry out your projects from concept to materialization, we believe that good design is in the details and this premise is manifested in all aspects of our work to help you live comfortably with quality and style. more information about our services here.

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